Website Copy v. Website Content

Website Copy

Sells readers on what you're showcasing

Persuades them to act

Contains keywords

Graces your home, services and about us pages

Copy should softly sell readers on whatever you're highlighting—you, your company, a nonprofit organization or your products or services. It should subtly entice them to act, whether it be to buy something, hire you, donate money, submit information or something else. Copy ideally contains pertinent keywords, which contribute to where the major search engines position your website among others with a similar focus. This type of text typically is found on a website's home, services and about us pages.

Website Content

Informs, educates and/or entertains
Includes articles, how tos, case studies, blogs, tips, social media updates
Factors heavily into website placement in search results

Content should inform, educate and/or entertain readers. It takes various forms, like articles, how-to pieces, case studies, blog posts, tips, social media updates and others. High-quality, original content is critical to optimal search engine placement.

Which, copy or content, should you use on your site? Both.

An effective website needs well-written, engaging copy and content to attract and retain readers and eventually convert them into buyers of your products or services.