Got Mobile Website?

What the hay is a mobile website, you might ask. Let us explain. It's a condensed version of your desktop website that's designed specifically for viewing on mobile devices — cellphones and tablets.

Mobile websites are increasingly popular because the use of mobile devices worldwide is escalating rapidly. Get this: In 2012, roughly five times as many smartphones (722.4 million) and tablets (128.3 million) together were shipped globally than personal computers (148.4 million), according to the analyst, International Data Corp.
And looking forward, IDC estimates that by 2017, smartphones and tablets will comprise 83% of the connected device market.
While typically people can retrieve your desktop website on their mobile device, if it's not specifically geared for a smaller screen, slower loading and people in transit, their user experience can be frustrating and deterring. In fact, 61% of customers who visit a mobile-unfriendly website are likely to go to a competitor's, said Google executive, Karim Temsamani, at the 2012 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting.
The solution? Two separate yet interconnected sites (as if you need more to think about).