Mobile Website Copy: What You Should Know

The copy on your mobile website should vary from that on your desktop version. This is due to:

• Mobile devices’ smaller screen sizes
• Mobile devices’ slower data-loading speeds
• Use of mobile devices often while on the go
• Mobile users wanting information quickly
• Mobile users needing only essential information

Mobile copy should:

• Be a stripped-down version of what’s on your desktop site It should contain only essential information. Remember, mobile sites generally contain a toggle to your desktop version, where visitors can access your in-depth content.

Mobile users tend to search using few words,

like “vacuum repair.” Search engines predict words potentially missing from the search and present them in a dropdown menu, allowing the user to click on one that most closely fits their search. For instance, a search on a cellphone located in Reno, Nevada, for “vacuum repair” in Google yields predictive searches of “vacuum repair redding ca,” “vacuum repair chico ca,” “vacuum repair louisville” and “vacuum repair denver.”

Great examples of mobile websites include:, and To see how they compare and contrast to their desktop counterparts, view them on a mobile device and a computer.