The Big 3: What You Must Tell Your Writer

If you provide your writer with these three critical elements, they can deliver ideal copy and content for your website, ensure they're consistent throughout. . . and they'll love you.

1 Your target audience, defined as specifically as possible

Gender? Age? Education? Income? Family? Profession? Social class? Ethnicity? Languages? Employment? Location? Generation? Health? Preferences? Interests? Values? Lifestyle? Opinions? Others?

2 What you want your website to achieve

Sell a product or service? Showcase your work? Educate visitors? Land you in a top spot on search results listings? Lure new customers? Provide an online community? Others?

3 The tone (mood) you'd like the copy/content to portray

Formal? Informal? Sophisticated? Simplified? Personal? Upbeat? Others?

This is challenging for most people. So for a bit of help, we suggest following the effective steps Ailsa Partridge outlines in her article, "How to Develop Your Website’s Tone of Voice" (specifically, the "Developing Tonal Guidelines" section). She advises you to first drill down on the personality of someone representing your brand and then define what those adjectives do and don't mean in terms of tone.