Paradise Grove Avocados


If you're looking for delectable, velvety avocados to bestow on someone for a gift, you're in the right place. 

We've been growing spectacular Hass avocados for 30 years, and delight in knowing our well-tended, nurtured fruit ends up in the hands of people who will savor it to the fullest. 

The hard work takes place at our Southern California grove, the perfect geographical spot for producing prime, plump avocados year-round.

Along with our avocados, we offer a host of avocado resources, everything from nutritional facts and recipes to beauty tips and instructions for growing your own tree.


Pleasure to your palate

Our Avocados are creamy and delicious, boasting a silky smooth texture and rich nutty flavor. They're a scrumptious addition to all kinds of dishes, from dips to entrées. And like any other fruit (yes, avocados are a fruit, a single-seeded berry, no less), they're delectable all on their own. Customers rave ours are the finest and most velvety, hand-picked California Hass avocados they've ever savored. Digging into one is truly an experience, a satisfying experience.

An original idea

The beauty of treating someone with Paradise Grove avocados is the element of surprise. Not the usual gift basket fare, they're unexpected but sure to please. And they make a versatile gift, suitable for family, friends and clients on any occasion -- holidays, parties and get togethers -- and as tokens of appreciation and recognition -- as a thank you, thinking about you, congratulations or job well done. 

How about a Paradise Grove avocado gift box as a housewarming gift? Perhaps a basket of avocados to acknowledge the birthday of that hard-to-buy-for parent who seems to have everything already? Or avocados for a friend who dabbles in the kitchen? Or someone with cooking expertise looking to diversify their repertoire? (You can print our avocado recipes for them, too, or refer them to our site.) Or simply an avocado lover? How about a Molcajete Bowl for the TV sports-watching enthusiast in your life? Or maybe a corporate gift basket as a gesture of gratitude to your Employee of the Month, a reliable vendor or a loyal customer?

The ultimate in quality

Our avocados are above average in size, weighing in at about 8 ounces. Each and every one we ship has been expertly hand-selected, passing our stringent guidelines for freshness and aesthetics. We only ship those of the highest quality and worthy of the Paradise Grove name.

Handled with care

We treat your avocados as if we were on the receiving end. They're carefully packed, insulated and cushioned to ensure they arrive in superb shape.

For special gifts, choose Paradise Grove.

Our Grove

Paradise Grove's rich and buttery avocados originate at its picturesque grove in Southern California. Spanning 250 acres, it's one of the largest, independent avocado ranches in the state. 

There, 25,000 flourishing avocado trees dot the undulating foothills of the Santa Ynez Mountains. This Pacific coastal region, with its plentiful sunshine and cool breezes, is ideal for producing Hass avocados, California's leading variety. Add to that the attention and nurturing of the Grove's manager, Kurt Johnson, and the resulting product is exceptional. 

The Grove dates to 1981, when Kurt planted the first Hass avocado sapling. He's been employed there ever since, now with a team of about 15 workers, many of whom are long term and even some who are second generation. 

"I've worked here for more than 30 years," Kurt said. "It's not only my job but also my home."

Today's owners, Pat and Janette Byrne, acquired the grove in February 2007. They soon realized their avocados were superior to store-bought ones and wanted to let others partake of their delicious bounty. They began selling their fruit directly to consumers like you via the Internet. 

"We're delighted to share a delectable slice or two (or three) of Paradise with you and yours," Janette said. 

About Our Avocados

Blessed by the coastal climate near the Pacific Ocean, Paradise Grove Hass avocados are some of the finest.

Unlike Chilean and Mexican groves where the fruit is harvested when immature and therefore watery, at Paradise Grove, our farmers cultivate our avocados until they reach optimal quality and size, at a maximum weight of 8 ounces. At that size, the fruit is about three times larger than those found in grocery stores. 

They hand-clip them from the trees when mature but still with green skin. This method leaves a stem nub on the fruit. Ones missing this likely weren't hand-picked and, instead, fell to the ground.

With care, Paradise Grove can harvest the fruit nearly 10 months out of every year, from December to October.

We ship all avocados purchased via our website directly from the grove to you for maximum freshness. Because it takes about 7 to 10 days for them to ripen, depending on the time of year, when you receive your avocados, they still may be hard. 

As they ripen, our avocados' thick skin turns dark green or black. When ripe, the avocado is firm but yields to gentle squeezing. The skin is pliable for easy peeling. The pale green flesh inside is velvety smooth and tastes slightly nutty. We guarantee they'll remain fresh and tasty up to seven days, refrigerated. You may even purée and freeze our avocados.

U.S. Ordnance

About Us

Founded and operated with the pioneering spirit of the Old West, U.S. Ordnance is forging its own distinct mark on American history. Since 1987, the Nevada, woman-owned small business has built military small arms, machine guns and replacement parts, with precision and superb workmanship.

WoundUp Studio


Keyed up about graphic design.

Professional. Progressive. Playful. 

That's Woundup Studio's brand. What's yours?

We help you figure that out. We help you strategize ways to integrate your brand in marketing and advertising. We help you conceive of and design materials for those and other purposes.

A creative firm, we offer these visual communications services:

■ Multi-page layout -- catalogs, leaflets, magazines, books

■ Web site design -- static and mobile

■ Concept creation

■ Photography -- portraiture, product shots

■ Illustration

■ Other

Ultimately, we problem solve. We intently listen to you, determine your needs, conduct research, generate solutions, then deliver -- on target and on time. Our expertise lies in fusing logical design and creative intuition to dream up fresh, innovative ideas for conveying your message, tailored to the intended audience, the way you want. Our methods involve collaboration, continuous communication and creating lasting relationships.

While we take to heart our work, we refuse to take ourselves seriously. And injecting fun into our processes is a house rule.

We partner with and manage a team, each of who specializes in a complementary industry, including copywriting, videography, editing and printing. This allows us to see your projects through from start to finish.

The ultimate reward for us is providing your company a visual voice and seeing it prosper as a result.

Jessica and Shay

You've said you're opposites of one another. How so?

Jess: I was pretty bossy as a kid, telling people what they were doing wrong. My family called me "Little Miss Law & Order," teased me I'd be a lawyer one day. At 10 years old, I was going on 20. I've always wanted to run a large company. Unlike Shay, I've never been much of a free spirit.

Shay: Yeah, I ran around wild and free, jumping off bridges into the river, swinging from poison oak vines, engaging in BB gun wars . . . My childhood was like "Stand by Me" meets "The Sandlot." Art was my favorite subject in school. I sketched on everything. But Jess is awesome when it comes to business operations. Her greatest skills are organization, communication and networking. And she has an eye for rooting out and managing the details of the big picture, with precision. I think this comes from her experience as editor-in-chief of the yearbook in high school for two years and as president of Club 34, an art and design club at Cal Poly.

Jess: Shay, though, is WoundUp's creative force. He's seriously passionate about design. He gets so engrossed when he's designing, he completely tunes out the world and the need to change from pajamas into clothes. (Oh, wait, that last part is me.) His areas of expertise are research, concept origination and development, and photography.

Shay: I can't help but get totally immersed in every project. I love what I do. I get to use art as a visual voice for our clients. Wanting them to succeed drives me to develop my best, to develop what's going to yield the greatest return on investment for them.

Jess: We love what we do, and we think the combination of our strengths and 20 years of combined experience allow us to come up with the best solutions for our clients.

How did you two meet and decide to start a business?

Shay: When Jess and I applied to the graphic design program at Cal Poly, we didn't know each other. And before we found out we'd been accepted, the college displayed only our two submissions for graphic design on its website, in its showcase of incoming students' work.

Jess: When each of us saw ours, we figured we were in even though we hadn't been notified officially.

Shay: Then throughout our time at Cal Poly we had almost every class together since the department was so small. By senior year, we'd worked on projects together for classes and outside clients. By the time we'd graduated, it felt right to start our own business.

Jess: We knew what each other's strengths were and saw them as complementary.

How do you reinvigorate yourselves, to stay motivated and inspired?

Shay: We do a lot of outdoor activities -- skiing, hiking, snowshoeing. Working out. Camping. Yoga. In the summer, we like to wake surf. We'd love to dive the Great Barrier Reef and Belize.

Jess: We've both always played a lot of sports. Shay was into karate, baseball and football when he was a kid. I swam competitively, played water polo . . . What else do we do? Movies. Traveling. Trying new wines. I like to bake -- crème brulées and cheesecakes are my specialty. The last one I made was maple cheesecake with a cranberry chutney on top. I tend to go big and make complicated recipes.

Shay: I love her cheesecake.

Jess: And on Valentine's Day we adopted two kittens who keep us entertained, Fuzz and Bean -- Fuzz like "Hot Fuzz" because she's black and white, Bean as in "Vanilla Bean" because she's pure black (or, more recently, "Soybean" because she loves edamame).

City of Fallon

How Fallon City Government Works

At the helm of Fallon's government is the mayor, who works closely with the appointed legislative branch -- the three-member City Council. Because Fallon uniquely provides various utilities to its residents, the mayor also serves as Chief Executive Officer of those enterprises -- electricity, landfill, sanitation, sewer, water and water treatment.

Together the Mayor and City Council comprise the Chief of Staff, which oversees the six municipal departments:

City Clerk / Treasurer

City Attorney
Public Works / City Engineering

Emergency Management
Municipal Court

Unlike most cities, which are chartered by their state legislature, Fallon operates under the Nevada Revised Statutes' Chapter 266: "General Law for Incorporation of Cities and Towns." This arrangement allows city officials greater governmental autonomy.

"Fallon's Mayor and City Council historically have assumed a lot of responsibility that many communities do not or do not want. They take pride in performing those services
 and performing them well. The government is close to the people who are governed." 
 -- City Attorney Mackedon


Kenneth H. Tedford,

With an innate entrepreneurial spirit and civic mindedness, Ken heads two major organizations -- the City of Fallon, and Tedford Tire and Auto Service -- the company his parents, Ken, Sr. and Betty Tedford launched in 1950.

Despite long work weeks, this single dad's four children take precedence. He enjoys watching their sports, theater and dance activities and individually coaching them on athletics (after all, he was part of Fallon's 1970-1971 basketball and baseball championship teams).

Over the years, Ken has held positions for numerous organizations, such as the Fallon Convention & Tourism Authority, and the Churchill Economic Development Authority. 
He's been recognized, among others, as the Nevada League of Cities' "Public Official of the Year" and an Elks "Distinguished Citizen."

Robert "Bob" H. Erickson

City Council Member

A seasoned veteran of public service, Bob brings great expertise to his current role as a City Council member. In fact, he has eight years' experience as Fallon's former mayor and served a previous City Council term.

His first career was in the banking and mortgage lending industry, during which he worked 25 years for various Nevada companies. He retired in 1988. Bob also has owned and operated the historic Fallon Theatre for 30 years (he still does today) and has been a contract lobbyist with the legislature for several sessions.

He is a graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno, where he studied accounting and forensics, and of the University of Washington's Pacific Coast Banking School.

One of Bob's favorite pastimes is reading -- The New York Times and Nevada history books and biographies. He and his wife have an adult son who resides in Southern Nevada.

Steven "Steve" M. Endacott

Emergency Management Director

Fallon's Emergency Management Director since 1994, Steve has extensive leadership experience in handling stressful situations.

A former aircraft carrier-based U.S. Navy strike fighter pilot, he flew missions during the Iranian Hostage Crisis, Desert Shield and other Cold War skirmishes.

A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, he made deployments to the Indian Ocean, the Pacific and the Mediterranean arenas during his 20-year Naval career. His last assignment brought him to Fallon where he served as commanding officer of the strike fighter squadron at NAS Fallon.

He and his wife, Dana, reside in Fallon with their two children. A former Eagle Scout, Steve is a strong supporter of Boy Scout programs and is an active member of the Fallon Rotary Club and Epworth United Methodist Church.

James "Jim" R. Souba, P.E.

City Engineer and Public Works Director

In 1997, Jim was stationed at Naval Air Station Fallon for a tour of duty as the Public Works Officer and Officer in Charge of Construction. He and his wife "fell in love" with the local community, always wanting to return.

He did just that upon completion of his 20-year military career in the U.S. Navy Civil Engineer Corps, after having retired as a Commander. Moving back to Fallon in 2002, Jim accepted work at the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) and commuted between Fallon and Carson City. Six years later, in 2008, he was delighted when he landed the position of Fallon's City Engineer and Public Works Director.

Jim's Naval career took him from base to base all around the United States and overseas, performing construction contracting and public works duties. He holds a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from the University of Minnesota and a master's degree in the same from Purdue University.

His three adult children (two sons and one daughter) all have left home to pursue higher education and careers, leaving him and his wife with an "empty nest." In his leisure time he runs, hunts, rides motorcycles and tackles home improvement projects.