Why Use An Editor

An editor elevates a writer’s work to a high level, making it compelling, excellently written, audience focused, accurate and error free. Good editing can take writing from mediocre to amazing.

An editor spots problems or areas for improvement in text that the writer can’t. This is because, unlike the writer, an editor is detached from the work and can be objective about it.

An editor helps writers improve their writing. When a writer takes note of their editor’s corrections and suggested revisions, the writer sharpens her/his writing skills.

An editor helps differentiate a writer from the multitude competing for readers. With the Internet affording everyone the chance to be a “writer” and the availability of self-publishing allowing anyone to draft and release a book, well-edited material makes a writer and their work stand out.

An editor helps a writer attract and maintain readers. Numerous mistakes in writing can turn off and even repel readers.

All of us, even editors, need an editor. None of us writes perfectly … ever. Anybody can throw together some words, but it’s the reworking of those, individually, in segments and as a whole, that transforms the writing.